Upcoming Beginner Bootcamp & New Courses

(our classes are always on Sundays)

Jan 22 12:00-14:00  ⒷⓏⒶ ZOUK Beginner Bootcamp   Facebook event   Regitration Form
Jan 22 14:45-19:45 START ⒷⓏⒶ Zouk Courses            Facebook event   Regitration Form 

May be an image of 6 people, people standing and text that says 'BZA ZOUK Beginner Bootcamp Sunday 22 January, 2023 Reservation Limited spots! 12:00-14:00 14:00 PRICE 2-hour Beginner Bootcamp With Partner? Yes No EARLY BIRD* €25 €30 REGULAR €35 €40 before Saturday January 21th'May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says 'START BZA 10-WEEK ZOUK COURSE January 22, 2023 OUK! Contact Gert for FREE try-out 14:45 Improvers 16:15Intermediate 17:30 Pre e-Advanced 18:45 Advanced (20:00-23:00 BZA Zouk Practice) PRICE BZA 10-week Zouk Course With Partner? Yes EARLY BIRD* €110 120 €120 130 REGULAR Befor Sunday January 15th Extra Discount Multiple Levels Iyoud 2levels: €20discount levels:'

Curriculum of our Sunday classes

Our classes are always on Sundays. Below you can find an overview of all the Zouk classes we provide (see description at the bottom of the page). As you can see, Beginners start with our famous beginner bootcamp after which you continue with the improver classs a week after when the regular classes are starting. If you are a beginner and want to join current Zouk classes or you are not able to do the beginner bootcamp, you can contact us for a private class to catch-up (06-45286920).

Prices & Registraion

    Facebook event   Regitration Form

     Facebook event   Regitration Form 

Class Location

Studio Borgerstraat
Borgerstraat 112
1053 PX Amsterdam
The main entrance is around the corner in the Kneppelhoutstraat:

Paid parking around ⒷⓏⒶ all day, but FREE 500m away, over the bridge in neighborhood the BAARSJES (the whole neighborhood around this google pin)

FREE Try-Out & Drop-Ins

For beginners with little Zouk experience (no beginner bootcamp done yet):
As mentioned above, you first have to do our Beginner Bootcamp before you can join the improver course.
Sometimes we also have a Free Beginner try-out before the start of the Course.
(check the BZA Facebook Events for this)

For people with Zouk experience (at lease a beginner bootcamp):
If you never taken a class with us before, you are welcome for a FREE try-out class. To register, please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/8c63fUD9hEk3DbeG9

If you did classes with us before you can take a drop-in: €19 without partner/ €18 with partner (CASH).

If you need advice or have questions, please contact us (06-45286920)!

Do I have to come with a dance partner? 

No, during our classes you do NOT need to bring a dance partner! But if you do NOT bring a dance partner, please register ASAP, then we will do our best to find another solo subscriber to balance the leader/follower ratio (we do allow partner switching so you will not be stuck to one partner). 

Class Description

Accelerated Beginner Bootcamp: 
In this 3-hour Bootcamp we will go over all the basic Zouk moves of our 10-week Beginner Zouk curriculum.
After this Bootcamp you are ready for the dance floor and for the BZA Improvers Zouk course!
Improvers course: 
This course is designed for people that already have some experience with Brazilian Zouk dancing. In this course we will start working on leading/following of head/upper body movements which make the Zouk dance such a unique partner dance!
Intermediate 1+2 course:
In this 20-week course (two 10-week courses in series) we will go into more complex zouk patterns. We will start with more challenging head/upper body movements and we start adding some musicality  (breaking the standard boom-chick-chick rhythm).
Pre-advanced 1+2+3+4 course:
This 40-week course (four 10-week courses in series) is for already more experienced dancers that know how to lead/follow most standard head/upper body movements. In this course we will start challenging the students with more contemporary patterns (like the international zouk artists :)), starting to lead/follow using other parts of the body then only the hands (contact improvisation techniques).
Advanced course
This is a class for zoukers that have mastered all the pre-advanced Zouk patterns. In this class we want to give more personal attention. Every class will work on perfecting already familiar moves and adding variations and styling. Furthermore, we will work on better connection and musicality. We will also be teaching new more experimental moves selected either by us or by the students.